Fujitsu Forum 2017
8 November - 6 October, 2018, München, Germany

Don't become a headline - secure your workplace

Investing in digital technology has become a number one priority for business. However, as seen from the recent ransomware attacks that have shaken organizations across Europe, the maturation of the digital industry has brought its own set of unique challenges. From phishing emails, to DDoS attacks, to mass-scale data breaches; protection against cyber-crime has risen up the business agenda in every organization, making it even more critical for businesses to build security into their workplace to ensure their data remains secure. So how do you stay in control without damaging the user experience? In this session we will examine what steps organizations need to take to deliver a secure workplace environment.


Christian Reilly

Vice President & CTO, Workspace Services

Anna Kopp

Head of IT Germany

Karyn Jeffery

Head of Digital Workplace Services