Fujitsu Forum 2017
8 November - 6 October, 2018, M√ľnchen, Germany

Insights on connected mobility - from 2025+

In the study "Mobility. Fulfillment. System: The future of Mobility 2025+" experts from around the world have taken a closer look at the future of mobility. The study followed a holistic, interdisciplinary approach and considered the impact of digitalization as a key factor in the future of mobility. In this session, Prof. Dr. Kecmar will share insights from the study. He will show how a new approach is required to meet the challenges now facing business, science, politics and consumers. In particular, focusing on customers and taking a holistic view on mobility as a fully integrated and connected system is essential to create a better and more sustainable future.


Helmut Krcmar

Chair for Information Systems, Department of Informatics
Technical University Munich