Fujitsu Forum 2017
8 November - 6 October, 2018, München, Germany

The forgotten shop floor – 'The rise of the digital high street' research results

From enhancing efficiency to improving productivity and delivering a more compelling customer experience, the successful deployment of in-store technology can deliver a range of benefits to high street retailers.  In our research reports - "The rise of the digital high street" - we questioned 1,000 consumers and 1,000 employees from major UK retailers about their experiences of in-store technology. We learned a great deal about the factors that thrill and frustrate customers when it comes to physical retail. In this session, our panel will discuss the report findings, offer insight as to where in-store technology is failing to meet customer needs, the benefits of getting in-store technology right, and predictions of the future for high street stores.


Richard Clarke

Executive Director Global Retail

Martin Smithen

Proposition Lead, Digital Workplace Services

Max Schoredits

Director, Europe

Paul Kirkland

Retail & Hospitality Specialist, UK

Tom Smith

Retail & Hospitality Specialist, UK