Fujitsu Forum 2017
8 November - 6 October, 2018, München, Germany

Banking on the digital office

Digital disruption and its effects on customers, workplace colleagues, and businesses as a whole is dramatically shifting the landscape in Financial Services, giving rise to unprecedented rates of change, new competitors and ever increasing expectations of customer service. Financial service firms need to reimagine how they enable transformation in their workplace to harness innovation at pace through better, more effective collaboration and more productive workplaces, whilst still reducing operating costs and adhering to strict security and compliance measures.
Traditionally, investments in workplace technology have taken second place, in favor of investment in new customer facing digital products and services. But as digital pervades every aspect of our personal and working lives, businesses need to invest in new digital ways of working for their internal colleagues, as much as they do for their customers. This will be a key battleground in fostering greater customer intimacy, trust and advocacy whilst attracting and retaining the best organizational talent and beating competition.
Steve Wood from RBS shares his insight on how they have taken an organization wide approach to their digital office, basing their investments on the business value of workplace technology and a colleague centric approach to the needs of their business.  This is bringing the promise of significant cost savings and providing RBS with an agile, collaborative and productive workplace environment.


Steve Wood

Head of Digital Office
Royal Bank of Scotland

Ramanan Ramakrishna

Head of Service Portfolio & Innovation for Digital Technology Services at Fujitsu, EMEIA