Fujitsu Forum 2017
8 November - 6 October, 2018, München, Germany

Future workplace 2025 - panel discussion

The world of business is changing at a rapid pace, so leaders need to develop a strategy that not only supports its evolving needs over the next 2-3 years, but also need to lay the foundations for what it will look like in the longer term. This panel discussion will get insight from the most experienced vendors in the field and provide actionable recommendations on the steps they should take to ensure they have a future proof strategy in place.


Richard McCormack

Head of Marketing Strategy and Operations, America

Robin Lipscomb

Head of Offerings, Managed Infrastructure Services EMEIA

Christian Reilly

Vice President & CTO, Workspace Services

Shawn Bass

VP & CTO, End-User Computing

Anna Kopp

Head of IT Germany

Harald Fratz

Head of Alliances Global SI